The best pet containment system for your family pets!!!

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How Do Pet Fences Work?

So, you are thinking about pet fencing and having an electric pet fence installed to keep your pet contained in your yard – good move… no GREAT move! It is one of the best methods you can use and your pet and your family will absolutely love it!

Do electric pet fences work? Absolutely, positively YES!

Believe it or not they work for both dogs and cats and this invention is one of the most practical, innovative and reliable inventions ever conceived for pet safety and control.

What Pet Fence systems are available and
how do they work?

Okay, let’s briefly look at how an electric or electronic pet fence works.

Electric Pet Fence BoundariesEssentially an electric pet fence is a piece of wire that is normally buried a couple of inches under the ground so that it is as much out of harms way as possible. It can also be placed next to existing above ground fences. The wire is connected to a device and acts like an “aerial” for when a transmitter comes close to it – there is no actual electricity sent through this wire. The transmitter is attached to a collar on your pet and it reacts when your pet gets within range – which is adjustable on most systems.

The wire (which is essentially the pet fence) can be installed so that it not only keeps your pet inside the boundaries of your property, it can also keep your pet out of specific areas such as gardens flowerbeds and pools. You can also divide your yard into areas such as the front area and the back area.

Your pet wears a small receiver on a special collar. The highest quality and most reliable receivers are those that have many different settings and can be programmed for your particular pet. Your pet's personality, age and weight are all considered when programming the receiver.

Once your pet wears the receiver collar, he will get a warning that warns him he is approaching a boundary or “no go“ zone. If he does not respond fairly quickly by moving back, the collar delivers a simple static electricity correction to the underside of your pet's neck. This correction is no different than the one you receive when walking across a carpet and touching a door knob during dry winter weather. This is very humane considering that the pet fence collar will have been programmed to suit the size, age and personality of your pet. There are many, many vets that not only give their whole hearted approval, but that also use pet fencing for their own pets!

So a quick summary of the positive features of electric pet fencing:

  •  It can be used inside a yard as well as around a yard, for example to keep the dogs out of the vegetable garden.  
  •  It can be used around yards that are, for whatever reason, difficult to fence.  
  • I t does not obstruct landscapes or scenic views  
  •  It can be used where fencing is not allowed or not desired.  
  •  It costs much less than a regular fence.  
  •  It can be used even around fenced yards for dogs who are escape artists.  
  •  Used with a regular fence, if your regular fence is damaged somehow (e.g., storms, accidents, wind, rotting, whatever), it ensures that the dog won't get out before you notice the damage.  
  •  It works almost all the time--compared to other methods, none of which could ever be relied on to work.